Sunday, May 13, 2007

Don Keller - "DP"

There are a lot of talented creative types in Buffalo, NY, the so-called "Queen City"- deriving it's nickname from the raging queens that live in it's creative district- Allentown.

Don Keller, is a Buffalo, "DP" (Design Professional) who is part of the Eyerazor collective of artists which includes Mark Freeland, Karl Kotas and rock photog Bob Mussel.

Name: Don Keller

Age: 36 (ha ha ha!)

Occupation: Art Director

Company: Moog Advertising

Design Education (if any): Bryant Stratton, UB

I decided to become a designer because....?
It seemed rewarding and satisfying and I was good at "art".
Annapolis and "the band" didn't work out.

Designing in Buffalo is....?
... directly related to my alcohol consumption.

I find inspiration in....?
Clients who pay promptly!

My favorite design(er) is ..... ?
Milton Glaser because I talked to him on the phone once and he was unusally cynical about this business.

Right now (I mean RIGHT NOW!) I am listening to...?
Dirty Little Secrets (Thrill Kill Kult)

What is the best kept secret of Buffalo?
Maxine's, The Sundowner and Seductions.