Saturday, January 05, 2008

Art Basel Miami 2007

The atmosphere at at the KK Exhibit at the Miami Art Basel -Pool Art Fair, Cavalier Hotel, South Beach, was white-hot as dealers, collectors, and the general public, literally tore each other apart like crazy old polish ladies at the Broadway Market as they try to get that last sale-priced kielbasa!

Artist, and fellow exhibitor, Fedele Spadafora (pictured below, left) is busy on the phone making deals, kicking-ass and taking numbers. His innovative silkscreens were prominently displayed on one of the fancy twin- beds (pictured left.)

Highlights of the Pool Fair including getting wasted at the room of fellow New York City painter (with Buffalo roots) Eileen Hickey-Hulme, whose "Guns and Roses" assemblages were definitely awesome, groovy, and cool.

On a sad note, we're still waiting for the Absinthe Party.... sorry guys, the Coors Lite just didn't cut it.

As for the rest of Art Basel-- Fuck Art! Let's Go to the Beach!

...And who do you think I run into on the beach, scoping out the topless babes? ... but fellow New York City artist BILLY, who was in town to do a 25 foot mural for the Contreau Lounge at the Casa Decor, a showroom of cutting-edge interior design.

(kk, topless babes, and Billy, pictured left)