Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ill art ill japanese

iLL is an experimental Japanese rock band formed in 2006 by Koji Nakamura. Nakamura, sometimes known by his nickname Nakako, was one of the founding members of the popular Japanese band Supercar and remained with that band until they broke up in 2005. After the breakup of Supercar, Nakamura got involved with two project, both iLL and Nyantora.
iLL is a mostly instrumental band, though Nakako does sing on several songs. The band is known for their live shows, which feature video projections as well as experimental rock music. They have released two full length DVDs and two CD singles as of late 2007.
iLL has worked with Japanese contemporary artist Naohiro Ukawa on a project where the artist provides imagery and the band provides audio. iLL has also used the imagery of MC Escher, Tandoori Yookoo, as well as Karl Kotas in one of their visual projects. Samples of KK Ill art is here.