Sunday, November 23, 2008

Negativity is the New Positivity

Everyone knows that a so-called positive attitude is important. Dale Carnegie and Anthony Robbins have made fortunes telling people how to think positive. Is everyone that read The Secret now rich? If it works, then everybody that bought the book is well on their way to joy, health, happiness and abundance, right? yeah... You know who's getting abundance?... the people who wrote The Secret!

Well, here's a secret: True positivity is not about overdramatizing everything as if it's "Soooooo Great!!!" Let's face it. Look around at the world objectively and it's a freaking horrible place. Really atrocious people become big stars and celebrities. The media is full of mediocre minds because the popular appeal is targeted at mediocre minds. True genius takes about 100 years to recognize. Vincent Van Gogh was a total loser in his day, but now people buy his paintings for millions of dollars. In fact, some of the forms in the cosmos that he painted are now verified by scientists.
Behind the "positive thinker" is a negative egotistical void. Yeah, they are positive as long as you give them your money. It's a scam. The true positive person is negative. When I say that the world is a horrible place, I'm giving you a slap in the face of reality! I'm being positive.... wake up and smell the coffee. You can take it. Most of the world is starving while a bunch of rich fucks live high on the hog.

The so-called "Big 3 Automakers" went in front of Congress the other day to ask for a government bailout for making shitty cars. Do you know that the CEO of Toyota only makes a million dollars a year while these American CEO bastards are laughing all the way to the bank while they make their crappy cars and drive their companies into the ground? Those greedy fucks! Ford CEO Alan Mulally got paid a record setting 28 million for 4 months of work. The congress poked fun at them and ridiculed them, but nobody cares. In fact Saturday Night Live did a hilarious skit about it.

But let's face it, they don't care... because "they're positive thinkers." If enough people shamed their asses, maybe they would clean up their act and make some changes in their monolithic corporate dinosaur companies. Christ, could they actually come up with some creativity in their automobiles? There is all kinds of cool shit they could do.... but nooooooooo.

It's really sad but if you want to become really positive, you have to be negative. If enough people become negative and maybe this world will be more positive place.--- KK