Thursday, January 13, 2011

KK and Black Hammer release new iPhone game "Goo Goo Eyes"

Goo Goo Eyes is a new sliding tile puzzle game published by Karl Kotas & Black Hammer Productions. There are many hours of game play with 200 replayable levels included!!
I repeat.... 200 fucking levels!!!  Did you hear me?....200 LEVELS!

You will literally go GOO GOO playing this thing! There are rocks, holes, black holes, worm holes and parallel universes. If you find yourself going into a trance on this game, pull back!!! Don't go into the LIGHT!!! I repeat... Don't go into the LIGHT!!!

I am so convinced that this game will bring you into NEW dimensions, planets,  and universes that if you don't... I WILL PERSONALLY REFUND your 99 cents. (you friggin' cheapkate.)

Do NOT take hallucinogenic drugs when you play this game, please!!!

If you experience a MENTAL erection that lasts more than 24 hours, please see a doctor!

coming soon on the Apple Store....

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